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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Museo Casa Azul

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Gallery of Photos

Take a look inside the Museum...

A side view of the Museo Casa- Estudio
museo casa estudio
Just one of the different facades of the house designed by Juan O'Gorman

Frida and Diegos Kitchen
kahlo,rivera,kitchen,museo casa estudio
This is how the kitchen was left. It contains traditional mexican arts and crafts.

Couples Bathroom
kahlo,rivera,bathroom,museo casa estudio
Left as it was, his bathroom is on the second floor of the 4 floor house

sculpture museo casa estudio

Love Letters and Correspondance
artifacts, museo casa estudio
There are many glass cases with letters and artifacts written to and from Diego and Frida.

Studio- Insight Into an Artist Life
kahlo rivera studio museo casa estudio
Everything is left how it was..even unfinished work and used paints and brushes

First Floor Layout
art display museo casa estudio
Most of the worf is presented like this, The first 2 floors have two rooms simlily layed out

3rd Floor
art display museo casa estudio
The floor below the studio. This looks out onto the side of the house shown above.

Top Floor Studio
diego kahlo studio museo casa estudio
The top floor also has a balcony that looks over the studio, and accsesses the top of the house

Unfinished work
rivera kahlo studio museo casa estudio
Another great view of the huge studio. The emense light that enters brings life to the studio