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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Museo Casa Azul

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Below are some links to other websites about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's relationship and work, and about the Museo Casa Estudio, that may be of some interest. Some maybe in Spanish but can be easily translated with Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox

Absolute Arts
Portrait of Guadalupe Martin- 'The other wife of Diego'
Diego Rivera
A list of galleries showing his work, tools used, articles and other websites about the artist. A must for research.
Juan O'Gorman
Same content as above. Again a must for research into the Architect.
Destination Guide
Diego Rivera- The Virtual Diego Rivera Website
A beautiful, comprehensive  site. With videos and available in both, Spanish and English this is a must if researching Diego and the couple.
Eyecon Art
Nice website with pictures and history about the couple. Worth a look.
Great Buildings Online
Overview of his career. Included with other links to websites.
Ingenta Connect
Essay about Juan O'Gorman and his work. Especially the award winning Paisaje de la Ciudad de México (1949)
Porta Bella Artes- In Spanish
More of a travel guide- In Spanish
Keep in mind when researching the Museo Casa- Estudio or Diego River and Frida Kahlo or Juan O'Gorman, that you may find more information in Spanish.