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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Museo Casa Azul

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Gallery- Personal Collection

Here are some pictures of our guests enjoying their adventure vacations.

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Retrato de la/ del... - Portrait of...
S/F- sin fecha- Without Date
Diego Rivera (1886 - 1957)
Retrato de la niņa Juanita Rosas, 1934
Lapiz y tinta sobre Papel
(Pencil and Ink on Paper)
Diego Rivera (1886- 1957)
Retrato de Dolores Del Rio, 1948
Oleo sobre papel
(Oil on Paper)
Diego Rivera (1886- 1957)
Unknown Title
Acuarela sobre papel
(Watercolour on Paper)
Diego River (1886- 1957)
Retrato de Mireille Barany de
Asunsolo, s/f
Lapiz y tinta sobre papel
(Pencil and ink on paper)
Col. Particular
Diego Rivera (1886- 1957)
Retrato del doctor
Ignacio Chavez, 1937
Oleo sobre tela
(oil on cloth)
Col. Particular